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I’m Going, Going, Back, Back To DC, DC!



So there won’t be posts again until sometime next week, since I am going back to DC for another convention.  Last time I couldn’t get some dim sum. This time I am making it my mission to get some dumplings from the white building right under those arches. Yum! Hopefully, I can get the blog back together since I will only be there a few days instead of a week. Have a great, fun weekend! Be safe and don’t forget about the $140 J. Crew gift card giveaway! Photo from my Instagram!

Balls and Inaugruations

Last night I went to the South Carolina Society Ball at the Smithsonian National Museum of Air and Space. It was fun, but I was ready to go because my feet were hurting, and I knew that I would have to get up at 6 am so I could get ready for Barack!

This morning I got up around 6 am and got ready to go see Barack. Dad slept in and Mom and I left the hotel around 8:15. We only had to walk 6 blocks down the street but the line for our standing tickets was halfway down the street, it didn’t move for what seemed like days. Then we finally shuluffled, not shuffled but shuluffled, into one 15ft opening in a gate, and then we went through a huge security gate that that had 15-20 sections. Then we waited for the ceremony to began.

I thought both preachers were too long and the other stuff like Aretha and the poet lady ok, but I liked Itzhak and Yo-Yo Ma and the people who played with them. I like Obama’s speech. It was really long too, but he said things that I think needed to be said. I thought it was so sad to hear all those people booing Bush and clapping when Marine 1, the helicopter taking him away from D.C.,but I clapped too. I am glad he is gone. But on to happy things. Yay OBAMA!!! Yay OBAMA!!! I can’t believe this happened, but I have to because I was there. I saw the Obamas, the Bidens, several past presidents and vice-presidents, the snipers on the roof, the crowds. I saw it all.

Today in Washington

Today I went to the mall at Pentagon City. It is an amazing 3 to 4 story mall with many fantastic stores. Mom got a huge LAMB bag from Nordstrom. She says we are going to share it. I also went to Forever 21 and got a purse, a clutch, and HAREM PANTS?!?!?!?!? I am so excited about our purchases.Unfortunately Loves, I can’t find a picture of the purses we bought, but I got a picture of my pants.

We Are One

Last night Khali and I went and had an adventure on the Metro, getting lost in D.C., and eating in the post office my dad used to work in while in college.

Today I went to the South Carolina brunch, and then I went to the We Are One concert. I have never done so much standing and walking in my life. It was so much fun. I saw the first and second family-elect ,U2,Beyonce,Stevie Wonder, John Legend,John Mellencamp,Pete Seeger and his son, James Taylor, Jennifer Neetles from Sugarland, Shakira, Usher, Herbie Hancock, Heather Headley, Shelry Crow, Will I. Am., Josh Groban, Renee Fleming,Mary J. Blige, Jamie Fox, Denzel Washington, Queen Latifah,Samuel L. Jackson,Steve Carrell, Jack Black,Tom Hanks,Marisa Tomei, Rosario Dawson, and more.

I have never seen so many people of different ethnic backgrounds singing, dancing, and just participating together. I love it, and I am so glad to have this experience.