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Currently Craving – Overalls

plus size overalls


Written by: Denesha (Intern)

You would never believe which fashion trend has made a comeback! Hint: the title of the article is a dead give-away. Overalls are slowly making their way back into some of our closets, some since summer of 2012. Thanks to celebrities like Rihanna, who decided to shoot her ‘You Da One’ music video wearing overalls back in December 2011. Since then, more designers and retailers are trying to keep the “back in the day” trend alive.
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How Did I Miss This?!?!?!

How did I miss this? I went to Wet Seal’s website and I just found out that they sale plus sizes now. When did this happen? OMG!!!! I am so excited. I want all the jeans and leggings on there they are so cute, and the jeans come in different colors. I am disappointed in the limited range of tops and dresses, but I love the jeans. They range in price from $29.50-$34.50.