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Charleston Fashion Week 2012 Spring Bridal Show

During the last day of Charleston Fashion Week, I got up super early and headed out to Charleston Weddings Magazine’s Spring Bridal Show. I got to see a lot of bridal fashion from local boutiques. If you are planning a wedding, Charleston is definitely a great place to check out some fancy gowns for you or your bridesmaids. The trends seem to be the traditional white and cream, and the completely unconventional and daring pale pink and red. Watch the video from the Emerging Bridal Designer Contest winner Calvin James Bryant’s collection. It was fabulous. If I were getting married, he would definitely be someone I would be interested in working with. I hope you all enjoyed my Charleston Fashion Week coverage. As you can see I am still trying to recover and unpack from the week of events.

TREND Report: white out

Above: Images from Style.com: Celine S2011 Runway, Alexander Wang S2011 Runway, Ann Demeulemeester S2011 Runway.  Rebecca Minkoff Boyfriend Mini Bag, Halston Heritage Novelty Suiting Slim Pants, Alexander Wang Tempest Knotted Sandal, 3.1 Phillip Lim Cross Back Tank, Dominic Jones Dagger Necklace, Maje Silk-Satin Blazer.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think ‘summer’?  Ok, besides sun and the beach and vacations…Let me rephrase that: What is one thing that comes to mind when you think of summer and Memorial Day??  Obviously, the correct answer is finally getting to wear white again (if, of course you follow that age-old fashion rule).  Either way, warm weather seems to scream at us to put down our black jumpers and black pants and dark jeans and throw on something a little lighter.

On the SS2011 runway, Alexander Wang traded in his usual dark palette for much brighter colors and lighter fabrics, including multiple all-white ensembles.  In real life, an outfit comprised of only white may seem a daunting and, honestly downright scary, task to take on, it can be really simple while having a stunning effect.  The key to white this summer: mix fabrics and designers.  Also, light neutrals like pale tans or creams are an easy alternative to pure white and tend to be more flattering.  To style the bright light trend, feel free to either toughen the look up with deadly edgy jewelry and bold colors, or keep the look feminine with structured, ladylike pieces.

Donning all-white for this season may seem like a trend us dark-clothes addicts are a little extremely hesitant to try, but let’s be honest, if Alexander Wang, the king of all-black ensembles can put away the darks for one season, so can we.

Allison of Lady in Red Lipstick

Wearing Winter White Is Totally Not Such A Big Deal

Wearing winter white is not such a big deal, but I really dreaded writing this post because every time I write about wearing white after Labor Day on Twitter, people get so bent out of shape. Fashion rules don’t exist anymore. You can wear whatever you want to wear, and why is it so bad to wear white after Labor Day anyway? Like why is that a problem?

Like I said whenever I tweet about this on Twitter, people get so angry. My mind gets so boggled by the fact that people can be that disturbed by a color. Winter is such a beautiful season to wear white in. Winter white reminds me of snow and polar bears and snow leopards. I don’t understand why people have such a complex on winter white, but if you don’t mind the color, here are some great options.



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