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Bad Bish-Bianca Jagger 70s Chic

bianca jagger

bianca jagger
Bianca Jagger had to ultimate 70s chic Studio 54 style. In this picture, she shows you how to work a wide leg pantsuit. Wide leg pants are coming back in style. Skinny pants, if worn, are being modified. I don’t know if the skinny pant will go away and wide leg pants will prevail, but the wide leg pants is a trend worth trying. What do you think of this look? Photo from here.

Trend Report: Wide Leg Trousers

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This runway season might as well have been called “the year of the pants”. All kinds of pants were shown, from slim to tapered to slouchy to wide leg, but more importantly they were not just leggings and skinny denim, but real, grown-up trousers.

Most of them were shown in tropical wool or silk, and one of the most popular cuts was the wide leg trouser straight from the 70’s. However, for a young, fresher feel skip the wool and pick a denim instead.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Most women are worried that they are too short, too wide or just afraid to wear trousers in general after spending so long in skinny denim. But really, they are easier to pull off than expected. And as always, a good fit is half the battle.

If your butt is more correctly called a petite bum, try a high waisted rise as it will lift everything and make you appear curvier.

If you are already curvy or don’t need to add anything to your rear, try a rise that hits at the hip, but that is still higher in the back than you are used to. These are trousers, not skinny jeans, so the waist should be more conservative.

To make sure that it doesn’t look schlumpy, choose a style that it is very fitted through the waist and butt area, nothing it less flattering than pants that just hang off the hip.

A simple test to see if they are snug enough: you should be able to fit a thumb (no more) under the waist band of jeans because cotton stretches and relaxes with wear. For a wool or material with no give, you should be able to fit two fingers under the waist band.

If you are wary of the trend, choose a classic dark wash with five-pocket styling and skip any cuffing. These are the most classic and flattering style of trouser jeans.   

 A fail safe combo is a pair of  platform pumps with the hem just brushing the ground, creating the illusion of mile-long legs. Of course, a kitten heel will work too, but beware of wearing them with flats as the width (without the height) visually shortens your legs.

So how do you wear these?

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday Night

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