Teeny Weeny Bikinis

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The Observer Magazine
Our beautiful Laura Catterall shows of her stunning curves in this fantastic bikini line up for the Observer Magazines fashion pages shot by Patrick Small

12+ UK Model Management would like to thank fashion editor Jo Jones for choosing Laura to show how good curves can look in these beautiful bikinis .http://www.12plusuk.com

YAY OBSERVER! I love that they featured a curvier in a bikini. You wouldn’t have seen this a few years ago. I’m so happy about this.
Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. this girl is HOTt!!!!!!! much hotter than the skinny bitches u see somtimes. this is the type of body that most guys love! this is what our body standads shuld be. i have no idea why we compare to the skinny flat cheted girls. they look ridicuolous.

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