TFAS DIY: How To Knit A Cowl Scarf

Cowl Scarf

Hey everyone! I wanted to take the time to show how to knit a cowl scarf because it is a quick holiday gift that can be made in under 2-4 hours by beginning knitters to advanced knitters. This is a really easy pattern that I came up with. Plus it is a great pattern for those who want to learn how to use circular knitting needles.Sorry for the shoddy cellphone pics. Also check out my Tortoise & Blonde glasses. They are the super hot Kenmare in Tortoise & Blonde!

Cowl Scarf

Check below for the pattern!

What you need:

1 Circular Knitting Needle 29” – Size 19

1 Stitch Marker Or Enough Scrap Yarn To Make a Loose Knot

5 Skeins Of Martha Stewart Lofty Wool Blend Yarn (513) Red Dahlia You can use whatever color you like, I chose red.


Uncoil your circular needles.

Then cast on 50 to 56 stitches. I started out with 50 and then added 6 more. It looks great either way.

Round 1 Knit

Round 2 Purl

Round 3 Knit

Round 4 Purl

Round 5 Knit

Round 6 Knit

Round 7 Knit

Round 8 Knit

Round 9 Purl

Round 10 Knit

Round 11 Knit

Round 12 Knit

Round 13 Knit

Round 14 Purl

Round 15 Knit

Round 16 Knit

Round 17 Knit

Round 18 Knit

Round 19 Purl

Round 20 Knit

Round 21 Knit

Round 22 Knit

Round 23 Knit

Round 24 Purl

Round 25 Knit

Round 26 Knit

Round 27 Knit

Round 28 Knit

Round 29 Purl

Round 30 Knit

Round 31 Knit

Round 32 Knit

Round 33 Knit

Round 34 Purl

Round 35 Knit

Round 36 Purl

Round 37 Knit

Round 38 Bind off

Cowl Scarf

I hope you have as much fun making this pattern as I had. Here is a great video to get you started and if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below.

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