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Witch WorldwideAre you ready to check out my first virtual shop tour featuring Witch Worldwide? I decided that I was going to do little virtual tours of stores that are either exclusively plus size or sell some plus size items. I think it is important to talk about these different stores because the plus size market has grown a lot since I first started blogging in 2009. There are a lot of different options available. While there still could be more options available, it is a start.

Witch Worldwide is a website that sells trendy witch themed items for straight and plus sizes. Think of them as The Craft 2016. What I like about them is that Witch Worldwide has cute clothes, accessories, and jewelry for affordable prices. Nothing is over $55. They have really cute crop tops and sweatshirts. The Goth Spice cropped sweatshirt is my fave. I also like their jewelry and their patches. I would like to put their patches on my tote bags. Speaking of tote bags… the ones that Witch Worldwide sells really are super cute. You just might want to check them out.

I like this store because growing up, it was really hard to find items like these in my size. A store like Witch Worldwide can bring a whole nother style of clothing to an under served market. I wish I had stores like this when I was in high school or college. These clothes are definitely things that I would wear. When I was growing up, I would have to either go to Torrid, or go to Hot Topic and try and squeeze in a shirt or too because the local Torrid eventually closed. Anyway. I’m writing all of this to say, Witch Worldwide is an awesome store and you should totally add it to you list of plus size retailers if it is your thang.

Watch the shop tour below:

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