TFAS/We Love Colors Too Cool 4 School Giveaway

Thanks to the lovelies at We Love Colors, we are going to be giving away a pair of opaque tights to TWO lucky winners just in time for school. I know you want to be cool for school, right? Even if you aren’t in school, I know you want to win free colored opaque tights. Don’t lie to me or yourself. Enter this giveaway! LOL!
Here are the Rules

  1. Follow We Love Colors on Twitter.
  2. Follow We Love Colors on Facebook.
  3. Write in the comment section why you love fall hosiery and tell me that you followed the steps above.
  4. Winner will be picked via
  5. Also, this isn’t a rule, but I would love it if you retweeted this on Twitter. Thanks!
  6. Good Luck! Contest ends next Wednesday the 19th.

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Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. I LOVE fall hosiery because by wearing tights under a dress or shorts, it completely changes the look of the outfit! I would love to win a pair of these, and also I followed the steps listed above. 🙂

  2. I have been wanting some colorful tights for a while now, and can't seem to find the perfect ones! Love the blue. I already follow you, and now We Love Color too! And I retweeted, although my odds are going down! Great giveaway

  3. done and done.
    i've got a thing for fall hosiery because i've been dreaming about stomping around campus in bright colored tights, paired with some suede booties and a pea coat (and clothes underneath the coat, for sure haha). Its classic, weather approppriate, and the color makes it funky.

  4. I followed them on Twitter and fanned them on Facebook. I have always loved the look of tights in the fall with a shorter skirt and great boots or mary janes, but haven't really ever found ones I loved to wear- these look like they'd be aweesome!
    Emily (Twitter: @emilysandford)

  5. I love tights for the fall and usually you can only get grey and black. I'm so excited about color! I wear color in every other aspect of my wardrobe so i'm looking forward to adding colored tights to the repertoire. social media, twitter and facebook, check and check!
    Mellie (twitter @TheFatApple)

  6. Ooh! Coloured tights are an instant pick-me-up and so fun. I use tights in Fall to winterise some summer dresses that I love and bright colours are crucial for keeping the cold weather blahs away!

    I followed and I fanned, and I RT'd for good measure!

  7. I love colored tights, they can make or break an outfit lol … We Love Colors has it right, the perfect tones and hues THANK YOU FOR THE FINDS!

  8. I've only worn grey and black tights in cold weather before, but I absolutely LOVE the idea of adding some colored tights to my wardrobe! They would add a great pop of color to my fall/winter outfits … and cheeriness on grey days 🙂

    Following on Twitter (@Jesserker) and fan on Facebook!

  9. i love all the tights on your twitter page – great patterns and colors. i'm following you on twitter and fanned you on facebook. tights are warm and comfy and cute for fall.

  10. Living in the Mid-west, tights are a MUST for 3 out of 4 seasons. I love that they provide extra warmth during cold mornings and cool days, and in addition, working in a corporate setting, they're a great way to add some personal infusion in to my wardrobe!

  11. I don't Twitter and I don't have a Facebook account. Does that mean I can't enter? Can you open it up for gals like me? (No purchase necessary)

  12. I looove wearing tights in the fall because it allows me to wear my skirts a little more without freezing my legs off. 🙂 I am following them on Twitter and Facebook.

    thefatesarevicious at yahoo dot com

  13. Since I am a dancer, I have been rocking tights with my fall outfits for a while. I am sooo glad that it has become so mainstream that there are bright colors coming out also. Fall hosiery is perfect to spice up any fall outfit. They are trendy, sassy, and cute <---- which is why I love them !!!

  14. Oh what a great giveaway, I love hose and its even better if it is colorful! I think that every girls closet should have at least 5 pairs. They simply just make an outfit and it is an easy way to stay warm in the fall and winter!
    thankyou so much,
    I'm following you on twitter
    and on Facebook!
    p.s. I'll Tweet about your giveaway!
    thanks again

  15. Completed one and two.

    I love fall hosiery because the weather stays hot here in the High Desert until late August, and tights and leggings are a great way to bet against the hot and cold weather. Also, they look great with a faux fur mini skirt, like an outdated idea of a chic Russian girl. 😉

  16. Done & Done! These would go great with the loubies I posted on my Closet Shopping post!

    And stop by to enter my 1yr Anniversary giveaway as well!!


  17. 1. Following on Twitter @aikchien
    2. Facebook fan (Aik Chien)
    3. I love fall hosiery because they are fashionable and I can easily pair them with anything.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  18. I'm following on twitter and facebook! I love fall hosiery! Its a simple sexy way to make a statement in any outfit! And the bright blue/pink combo in the picture is amazing! I love it!

  19. I am following on Twitter and Facebook! I love fall hoisery because it is an easy way to turn a less than fabulous outfit into something funky and chic!! Also they make me feel a little better about hiking up that skirt/dress a bit more LOL.

    Thank you!

  20. I love fall hosiery because even when i'm all layered up in my coat and scarf, i can still make heads turn in my sexy royal blue tights! HOLLA!!!

  21. …and I am now officially stalking you on twitter/eaglenebula and facebook/eaglenebula! Hey NOW!!! Feel free to stalk back!

  22. Following on Twitter & Facebook!
    I live in Florida where "winter" is 40 degrees, so I don't need to tights to keep me warm or for anything other useful reason.. but sometimes I really just don't want to wear pants!

  23. I followed all the steps. Followed on twitter via vonilicious and fan'd on facebook via shivon ria michelle acotsta.

    I love wearing tights. I like mixing colors and really having them be the statement of my outfit.

    I WON'T wear them as pants because yeah tights are not pants.

  24. I followed WeLoveColors on Twitter and became a Facebook fan.

    I absolutely love fall tights because they can add such a pop of color to the fall colors seen so often in clothes. Color is definitely in this fall, and I would LOVE to have some great tights to go with it!

  25. I absolutely love this company and their awesome tie dye leggings–I really want a pair of the tights or a leotard in 7411, that purpley, pinky, yellowy mix. Sooooo awesome! I love fall hosiery because I love all kinds of hosiery and don't like to bear my legs very often. Plus it's just another fun way to add uniqueness to an outfit.
    I've added WeLoveColors on Twitter but I don't have(or want) a Facebook. Hope this still qualifies!

  26. okay i did it. 🙂 I love tights for fall cuz it's a good crossover to keep legs warm – and not have to wear pants (I hate pants!) 🙂

  27. I love wearing coloured tights in fall I tend to wear dark coloured, tailored, quite conservative clothing and team them with bright tights for some colour.

    I'm following We Love Colour on Twitter and I'm a Facebook fan!

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