Thanks So Much FashionForwarddd

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Thanks goes out to Zoe from FashionForwarddd for giving me this fantastic award. I have to give this award to 10 other bloggers and list 10 interesting facts about myself.

1. Through the Looking Glass


3.The Fabulous Girl’s Guide to Fashion

4.Dream Sequins

5.Pretty Exquisite

6.Iole in Fashion

7.A Dream of A Lifetime

8.Pretty in Leather

9.The Big Girl Blog

10.Somewhere Here

1. Sometimes I can be so enthusiastic about something that I come off as fake, but sometimes I just really care passionately about things.

2. I wear a size 10 shoe, and I have worn a size 10 shoe since I was 10.

3.Sometimes mom and I watch soap operas late at night on Soap Net.

4.I am one of the biggest klutz the world has ever seen. I almost cut my finger off once. Long story that involves me being a total hot mess.

5.I think I want to do fashion pr instead of merchandising because I have had 3 pr internships, and I pretty good at that. Plus math sucks major Rocky Mountain Oysters.

6.I love Legend of the Seeker. The first season just premiered this year, but it really sucked me in. The Seeker guy is hot too.

7.I love shoes. I love shoes. I love shoes.

8.I love Twitter because it has introduced me to some great and wonderful people. Follow me @thefatandskinny.

9.I just had the best fried pork chop ever. Yum!

10.I am so tired of school. I can’t wait for my little break before the next semester starts.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. thx so much sweetie for the award. u are amazing. btw i also appear fake sometimes too when i'm super excited. i was just told that last week by my friends. hihi

  2. Congrats girly!!!
    I always appear fake. I tell people they can suck it when they tell me that. That's real, no? 🙂

  3. you're welcome! you so deserve it 🙂
    i cannot believe you've been wearing a size 10 shoe since age 10?! wow! how did you manage? because at such a young age kids are always tripping over themselves. maybe you're more coordinated than you think 😀

    i love shoes too. yumm…shoes….*dreams about shoes*

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