The Hottest Holiday Beauty Look For Parties and More

holiday beauty look

holiday beauty look

Holiday parties are in full force now and everyone is looking for a great holiday beauty look to wear. I found this video on YouTube at Jordan Liberty’s channel and it is the hottest holiday beauty look for parties and more. I also think red and gold are very festive. Gloss also makes a flossy glossy holiday look. This look has the best of both worlds-red and glossy. If you just like the the red look, you can stop there. If you want to keep going with the glam, finish the video to find out how to get the glossy eye.

Below I have listed either the same products that Jordan Liberty used or similar products for this holiday beauty look. I also put the Kevin Aucoin The Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss that he used in this beauty video tutorial. I love the versatility of this look. You really don’t have to use the gloss if you don’t want too. It really looks great without it, but the gloss adds that special touch to it that makes it have the certain holiday sparkle.

Because I wear glasses, and glasses magnify bright eyeshadow looks, I would probably use it without the gloss. The gloss from Kevin Aucoin-and sold at Space NK for $38- has a bright sparkly finish to it, and believe it or not it isn’t sticky. It is also sold out or low in stock on many websites, but if you go to the Sephora website, you can sign up for emails on the product page so they can let you know when they have the item back in stock. I am not sure if the Space NK website will let you do that. Clearly this eye gloss is a popular item. Also look around the web since multiple retailers are selling it for various prices.

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