The Outnet Is Live!!!!!

I just got the email today that let me know that Net-a-Porter’s The Outnet went live today. They have designer pieces up to 60% off. Even with the 60% though it still isn’t enough for me. Many items are still in the thousand dollar range, but a good many items aren’t. Shoes and accessories are the cheapest items on the site.

They also have things called Flash Sales. They have a sale called Going Going Gone, where you wait to pay the lowest price for that item as the clock winds down. If you buy the item too early you could miss out on the low price. If you wait too long, the item might be sold out. They also have 72 hour pop up sales that kind of remind me of the sample sale websites. They will also have Giveaways where you can get free designer items. YAY! Jai loves free items. Who doesn’t?

The thing I love the best is the Dress Me page where you can shop by occasion, trend, time period, etc. It is kind of like Forever 21’s shop by outfit feature. The Outnet calls it their “Instant Outfit Solution.”

Photos from The Outnet.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. This is amazing. Why do they not have a sit like this for menswear? WE HAVE NEEDS TOO! I mean, theres LUISAVIAROMA and eluxury, but I want a net-a-porter for men or a an outnet for men. All these items are severely marked down and within reach, but not as I am not a girl! Oh well :p One can dream.


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