The Worst Golden Globe Fashions

I sometimes wonder if celebrities have true friends because true friends don’t let true friends dress or do their hair in the dark.

Drew Barrymore’s dress by Galliano was so cute but her hair was a windblown mess.

Hayden Panittiere’s purple Ferre dress was too tight.

Miley’s dress was too old for her and showed too much teeny bopper boob. She is not Selma Hayek.

The mass of fabric of on Eva Mendes’ Dior gown was a bit too much. I think Kate Beckinsale did it better.

January Jones’ blue dress was the perfect color, but the fins threw me off.

Is is me or maybe its not me, maybe I am not the only person who notices how crazy Renee Zellweger’s eyes look? Anywho, I really like her dress,but then I noticed her cutouts on her shoulders and that was it. It looked like her baby cousin got a hold of some scissors. A damn shame.

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