This Is It…..

I have no idea when I am going to see this but it comes out today.

UPDATE: I totally saw this movie today after my eye appointment and I LOVED IT!!! It was so good. MJ’s clothes barely fit him so I was a little scared, but he was singing live and dancing with the backup dancers just like he was 10 years ago. He even showed everybody a few things. It was amazing. the last number really pulled at my heart. He also wore a lot of Balmain, and I want his high water gold sequin pants.

Three things I learned from the movie:
  1. Ed Hardy will always look bad no matter who wears it.
  2. Kenny or Kerry Ortega, whoever the director was, wears pearl bracelets and questionable shoes.
  3. Pole Dancing Specialist=Stripper
Jai From The Fat and Skinny


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