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Today is the last day to enter in the Maurices Tote Contest!

Even though I am not surprised by this at all, it still pisses me off. I am going to boycott American Apparel for a while. I really want them to make plus size clothes because I love their basics. Oh well. I guess I will just have to come up with an American Apparel company for the market they don’t want money from.

From Jezebel:



Recently, LA-based BBW, adult star, erotic performer and model April Flores went to American Apparel. She asked the showroom rep if they ever considered making plus sizes, and the woman told Flores, “That’s not our demographic.”
Lillian Behrendt saw this anecdote on Flores’ Facebook page and blogged about it at her site, My Unacceptable Body. Behrendt writes:

It’s funny that youth-centric companies like American Apparel are so fascist about the size of the women they’ll cater to, but are much more permissive when it comes to their male clientele. This is where I found the loophole through which I have been supporting a company that openly discriminates against people who look like me. I wear American Apparel men’s briefs. Almost exclusively. I probably have about 20 pairs. The picture of me on the About page? I’m wearing a purple acid-washed deep V-neck from American Apparel. I have lots of their deep V-neck shirts, not to mention a pair of suspenders, some dresses that are WAY TOO SMALL and two bowties. Not your demographic? Are you fucking KIDDING me? 

Actually, American Apparel’s men’s slacks don’t come with a waist size larger than 34 — which, at a traditional company like Land’s End, is a medium.

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Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. American apparel cater to the ‘hipster-bullshit-poser’ crowd or at least that’s who they WANT to cater to. I agree some of their basics are great (if a little pricey for what they are). All of the times I have gone into an AA store I have felt very uncomfortable. It could be that their bizarre, soft-porno ads didn’t help. In addition to making the worlds narrowest clothes, they seem to be allergic to featuring semi-clad men in their ads and yet women prancing around in baseball socks and wedgie inducing underwear is acceptable advertising? Attenion American Apparel: Woman are also interested in sex.

    There is a lot wrong with AA. Am I part of their demographic? I certainly fucking hope not.

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