To Die For- Monif C “Eva” Dress

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Monif C

Monif C dresses. Plus size women always obsess over them. The Eva Cold Shoulder Double Slit Dress With Detachable Belt is no exception. I live for this dress because it looks amazing! Any plus size woman would look absolutely sexy and to die for in this dress.  I love the mock neck turtleneck collar, and the cut outs on the shoulders. The cut outs reveal just the right amount of skin on the top of the dress.

Then you work your way down to the detachable belt. I love the fact that the belt is detachable because it gives you options. Although I am not really all that sure that you would want to take the belt off of the Eva Dress since it looks so great as an accent piece. Then you get down to the double leg slits. As they say, “You show a little leg. Then you take it away.” Well this is more than a little leg. It is more like a KAPOW! The Eva dress by Monif C goes from a size 14-16 to a 22-24 and is on sale for $238. It also comes in your choice of black or white.  Make sure you pre-order it now because it ships May 22nd!

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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