Top Five Halloween Makeup Tutorials For 2016


Halloween is right around the corner, and I am sure some of y’all still haven’t figured out what you all want to be. I’m not so sure if I know what I want to be either. I don’t even know if I am doing anything special that night. Hmmm… Maybe I will go as a nasty woman? Anyway. Here are five Halloween makeup tutorials that will surely inspire you to trick or treat or just wait for the 50% off candy sales the very next day like I do.

Top Five Halloween Makeup Tutorials For 2016

Be A Frolicking Deer For Halloween From Eris the Planet

I feel like this is the easiest and cutest of the Halloween tutorials. Anybody can do this look without much effort.

You Could Also Try A Cute Harley Quinn Look From Tarisai Ejeta

Comic book character Harley Quinn is really popular this Halloween season. I also think her look is relatively easy to do. Now all you have to do is find the perfect Harley Quinn style outfit.

A Skeleton Look Is Classic Halloween From Too Much Mouth

This is a low key hard look. If you want to try an easier look, draw the skeleton portion without the zipper.

For Those That Are Feeling Really Adventurous

A Cute Pastel Ice Cream Unicorn Look From Jordan Hanz

OK this look is super adventurous and really is for those that have some serious makeup skills. I love how cool it looks though, and the waffle cone is genius.

Or Try A Purple Glittery Unicorn From Shameless Maya

This one is sure to get glitter all on your floor, but don’t worry it is totally worth it. This purple glittery look is sure to be a hit at the Halloween parties.

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