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A  trend for the past few seasons was the return of the professional career woman. Along with a minimalist bent, fashion has been sobering up and (in some circles) is becoming much more conservative, mature, and refined.

Thus, the return of the suit, uniform of the nine to five responsible work crowd. This trend addresses the issues of anyone who has had a corporate job or internship: what to wear to work to look appropriate yet stylish?

Just for clarification, this is NOT the type of pants suit we are talking about:

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Ewww… for the love of god. Who ever produced this atrocity should be taken outside and shot. Even scarier is the fact that it’s sold out.

What we are talking about is a matching jacket and pants in a slim, young cut in soft fabric.

How to Pick Out a Suit

First off, fit is everything.

These five areas need to line up, no exceptions!

However, if you have a suit that’s almost there, buy the size that fits your widest parts and have the rest tailored in. A good tailor can work miracles.

Shoulder seam should rest on the shoulder.

Cuffs should end at the base of the palm.

A jacket should be able to button, and when buttoned all the way up you should have no more than half an inch to an inch of room.

You should be able to fit two fingers snugly (at the most!) into the waistband of the pants.

The hem of the pants should be no more than half an inch off the ground.

And in general, there should be no wrinkling, puckering, gaping, bulging or gathering of any kind. Walk around, sit down, and do a few jumping jacks. Everything fall back into place and nothing has ripped? Good.

That being said…

How to Pick a “Fashion” Suit

Go for extremes that flatter your figure.

Great legs look fabulous in slim cut or pleated trousers.

Curvy girls rock nipped, shrunken or cropped blazers with high waisted trousers.

A wide leg pant and a suit with sharp shoulders go great with a cute butt.

And everyone can style a cropped leg pant and an oversized blazer.

And for the love of god:

Just because the jacket has buttons does not mean you need to button them.

Wear anything besides your most sensible pumps. A suit is already sensible, do not encourage it.

Push up the sleeves, roll up the cuffs, pop the collar. Again, a suit might be professional, but that doesn’t mean it has to be proper.

Do not wear it with a button down shirt. Wear anything (or nothing) else instead.

The Short Suit

Of course, for those of us who don’t work in an office, buying a suit seems a little absurd.

You could always buy the suit and break up the pieces to wear seperately, or try the sister trend: a shorts suit.

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A cheeky sister to the pants suit, this is definitely more suited (pardon the pun) for the young and trendy, and if you’re office is casual you could definitely wear it work!

And while you have a lot more freedom with the fabric and color since there isn’t so much clothing to deal with, just remember, all the same fit rules apply.

Pants Suit

Shorts Suit

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