Trend Report: Bra Tops

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So this is definitely one trend that your mom is going to hate. After a few seasons of crop tops, designers have upped the ante and debuted the bra top.

Too keep this look from being too hoochy, pair it with a full skirt or slouchy pants that cover the knee and cover up on top with a cardigan or jacket.

So how do you pull this off if you don’t have a set of flat abs?

You have a several different options:

My favorite is wearing a high waisted skirt with a more substantial bra top. That way, the only flash of skin that’s showing is a little bit of the rib cage in between the top of the skirt and your top. Tres cheeky chic.

Or you can layer a tank top underneath, or a very drapey, loose tank over so that a little peek of a lacey or decorative bra top peeks out.

Or pair it with the sheer trend and wear a sheer top or button down over your bra top.

So don’t worry, there’s no need to wear this piece by itself, instead use it as a tool for creating cute, layered styles.


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Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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