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This is definitely still a fringe trend, with the more avant-garde designers showing a bevy of cloaks, capes and capelets on the runways. A great alternative to the usual pea-coat or North Face for winter, this is not a style for the faint of heart.

I personally am a huge fan of this trend for it’s undeniable comfort, architectural look, and for it’s ability to conjure up the idea of masked crusaders and ladies of the 19th century.

But of course, I’m not one to turn down an opportunity for theatrical dressing.

What to Look for in a Cape

Find a shorter length that hits between your hip and your elbow. Any longer and it will only be good for outer-wear, any shorter and it’s called a stole.

Look for ones with “sleeves” and a belt. This is a great jacket/cape hybrid that is low-key enough to fly under the trend radar. Plus it’s useful for reigning in all that excess fabric and making it easier to hold your purse.

Keep it simple. As I always say, when you’re dealing with something this dramatic, best keep it classic. Black, gray, navy, and camel in a heavy cotton or light wool are all great options to really let the cape shine.

Go to the source. Check on Ebay, Etsy , or Pixie Market for some great deals on vintage cloaks and capes. This isn’t a new style, and there are some great quality vintage to be found on these sites.

Here are a few of my favorites:

From left to right: Shopbop, Modcloth*,  Speigel, Anthropologie

So what to wear it with? Anything and everything. Just throw it over your jeans, dress, skirt as a fashion-forward alternative to a blazer or jacket.
Just remember, fashion is supposed to be fun!


Erin at Pixel Perfect

* I simply had to buy the Modcloth Haworth cape/jacket as soon as it came out. So excited for it to arrive next week!

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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