Trend Report: Coral and Gold


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Does anything else feel quite as summery or look as divine on sun-warmed skin as coral and gold?

So while it might be freezing, sleeting and hailing outside, you can still inject a shot of spring into your lethargic winter wardrobe.

Color Theory

Neutral and warm skin tones look fantastic in gold and dark corals, so go crazy!

Cool skin tones can still wear gold, just keep it away from your face. Wear it as a skirt, shoe or bangle instead.

Remember, gold is a neutral (as are bronze and silver) so don’t worry about matching it with anything.

As for coral, the love-child of pink and red (with a dash of orange), pair it with neutrals for a sophisticated pop of color, or go crazy and pair it with the other hot color of the season: orange.



Day by erind90 featuring straight skirts


Coral and Orange

And don’t forget about beauty! One of the hottest beauty trends of the S/S 2011 runways was coral. The color looks fantastic as a flush or for a just-kissed pout.

Make-up Bag


Erin at Pixel Perfect

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


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