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Crochet is closer associated to Grandma’s doilies than haute couture, yet designers have fallen in love with the open weave style for spring. Springing from the sheer trend we’ve seen over the winter, this is a slightly different variation for showing some skin during the warmer months yet still remaining covered up.

The beauty of this trend is its versatility. While designers were focused mainly on crochet tops, this fabric is perfect for skirts, jackets and shoes (crochet espradilles anyone? Too cute!). Considering it’s also a rather subtle trend, it blends perfectly with everything else in your closet, adding  a bit of texture and interest to an outfit.

So how to pull this off without looking like you escaped from the nursing home?

Stick with crochet in a tailored, sleek silhouette. Think on trend a-line skirts or booty hugging pencil skirts. Trim little jackets or a snug crew neck  or cropped sweater.

Pair with other trendy pieces. This may be the only time you will ever hear me say this: this is a trend that is meant to go with other trends. So it’s perfect to pair with a body con skirt, platform wedges, a coral clutch, and flashy oversize jewelery. Wear a bandeau, silk maxi skirt, leather jacket and round sunnies. Anything that reads as young, hip and fashionable is meant to be paired with this piece.

Lastly, crochet is an old, traditional form of knitting that hasn’t been popular since the 70s. So give a nod to tradition and keep the tone natural in whites, creams, nudes, brown or black. I’m afraid that crochet in lime green will read as simply tacky.


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