Trend Report: Fur Accessories

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It may be springtime, but Fall 2011 lines are releasing lookbooks. Every winter is a bonanza of fur: it’s soft, warm, comforting and looks incredibly luxe. So hold onto those fur boots, vests and coats from the 2010 season, they aren’t going anywhere. The twist for the 2011 season is the introduction of fur accessories.

Try a fur hat, fur bag, earmuffs or go a la Wang and try a pair of fur glasses if you’re feeling daring. For all neutral outfits it adds a subtle texture and mixes things up.

How to Wear Fur Accessories

Don’t go overboard. Pairing a fur vest with fur boots with a fur bag will have people yelling “YETI!” as you walk down the street. Instead, mix and match textures. Pick a single fur accessory and mix with leather, silk, cotton, and wool for a visually interesting outfit.

Unlike jackets or vests that can add bulk, accessories are one way you can safely play with the fur trend and not have to worry about whether it’s flattering. They’re accessories! Have fun!

For the really bold, try a fur in a crazy color. I’m on the hunt for a shaggy blue clutch for next season. His name will be Cookie Monster (What? You don’t name your bags too?) and I think he will go fabulously with a sleek all black outfit and chunky silver jewelry.
Fur Purse


Untitled by erind90 featuring a batwing top

Fur Hat


Untitled by erind90 featuring high heels

Erin at Pixel Perfect

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. Not a fur fan, but everyone was wearing those big fur hats…even little kids going to school…I guess they are style chic even at a young age!

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