Trend Report: Knee-highs and Socklets


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This is one of those trends that have been around for a while (anyone remember those J. Crew ads?) but just like a great scarf, they are cheap, easy and can completely transform an outfit.

Just imagine the outfits above without the socks. Still cute, but missing that extra quirky something right?

While you can pick up a cute pair of socks just about anywhere, I personally recommend Sock Dreams for their exceptional selection and service, Foot Traffic for the cute novelty socks, and Hue as an industry stand-by.

Of course, what you want to avoid looking like are those dads wearing Tevas with athletic socks.

Yeah, please don’t go there.

How to Wear Socks and Socklets

No athletic socks. Period. If they have a sports logo on them they are un-acceptable.

If you’re unsure about this trend, stick with neutrals as they will “blend” better with an outfit. But if you have the inclination or personality for a wild sock, go for it! Personally, however, I’d keep away from cutesy cartoon characters and stick with wild patterns or colors.

To keep the leg line from being chopped up and shortened by socks, keep everything on your legs a similar tone.
That means: black booties, dark charcoal socks, black tights. Nude high-heeled sandals, cream socks, bare legs.

Keep the socks at either ankle length, right below the bulge of your calf muscle, or just under or over your knee-cap. These spots are the slimmest parts of your leg, so by having the sock end at these points it creates the illusion of a slimmer leg.





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  1. I have seen many girls wearing socklets. They looked very cute and almost like they were wearing booties.
    I agree about the Tevas…:>) or black socks with sandals.

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