Trend Report: Menswear

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Designers decided to channel Annie Hall and dress women in menswear inspired ensembles for Spring. A perennial trend, there is simply nothing as sexy as a woman in a man’s clothing. In my opinion the masculinity just highlights the femininity of the wearer, and the kind of confidence needed to join the boys club is drop-dead gorgeous.

Whether you decide to just incorporate a piece of menswear inspired clothing or go all the way with an androgynous ensemble, here are a few guidelines:

Buy clothing inspired by men but tailored for women. Unless you have no curves and broader shoulders, stay out of the men’s department. Even if it looks like clothing you’d find in your man’s closet, it’s important that it’s tailored to fit a woman’s curves or else it will look odd.
That being said, if you are one of those girls with waifish or boyish builds, the little boys department is a treasure trove for slouchy button downs and shrunken blazers.

Keep in mind that menswear tends to be very classic. Just take a look at the mens department. I can guarantee that the fashion hasn’t changed at all in the past decade. So feel free to splurge on a great boyfriend blazer, tailored slacks, classic button down, or loafers. Coco Chanel, Annie Hall and Freja Erichson have all toed the line of androgyny through the past century, so you’re guaranteed to get plenty of mileage out of a menswear inspired piece long after the trend fades.

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