Trend Report: Military


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Another oldie but goodie, the military trend has been seeing moments of popularity since the early ’90s, while staples such as cargo pants and the trench coat have become iconic classics.

The only difference this season is while navy and army inspired clothing has always been in style, the airforce is finally getting some love.

Just take a look at the shearling aviator jackets and leather bomber head-coverings that have been trending this season. But as always, a sharp cut military jacket or fatigues are in plentiful supply as well.

So if you love this trend now is the time to invest in a few classic pieces to wear until next time the look becomes popular.

Two popular ways to wear the trend is to either temper the look with something girly for a fun boy-meets-girl look:


Or go street with tough accessories and urban pieces:



Erin at Pixel Perfect

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


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