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Nautical stripes are a re-occuring trend every spring and summer season. So if there’s one trend to invest in for spring, this would be it. Trust me, stripes are not going  anywhere anytime soon.

They are also a great addition to any wardrobe. Thin jail bird stripes are great for a rock and roll look. Breton stripes a cute parisian casual. Thicker rugby stripes are an all-american staple.

However, most people seem to jump to the conclusion that stripes are instantly widening.

Just to save the debate, I’ll say this right here: that is not necessarily true.

Saving Stripes

The General Guidelines

A few guidelines on how to pull off stripes in a figure flattering way.
The trick to remember is that the eye follows stripes and assumes that how wide or narrow they are is deliniating your figure, as well as “stretching” your figure in whichever direction they’re running.

So to make things simple:

Vertical stripes (jail bird stripes) are instantly lengthening and add height.

Also very flattering are slanted or asymmetrical stripes.

The higher the contrast (such as black and white stripes) the greater the visual effect, while low contrast stripes (such as black and navy blue) have very little widening effect.

And just as a general rule: no skin-tight stripes. They accentuate every little bump, bulge and muffin. Don’t do it.

Stripes for Your Figure

Use stripes widening abilities to balance out a figure.

For a small chest try breton striped bateau shirts.

Petite bums could use a striped mini skirt.

To accentuate a curvy figure (or help a boyish one out) wear a striped dress and put a big belt in a matching color in the center, or look for a dress with tiny stripes on top and bottom and large stripes in the middle.
This gives the appearance of more volume on top and bottom and then a teeny-tiny waist.

For girls with a tummy,  try a loose fitting striped tank with skinny bottoms. Since you see a lot of skin and the fabric has folds and flow to it, it will camoflage a tummy and accentuate your legs and arms.

For a fool-proof formula wear a striped dress or top, then wear a long boyfriend cardigan or blazer in a dark hue over it, unbuttoned.
The cardigan (or boyfriend blazer) will create a straight up and down line (which is lengthening) and also create the illusion that your body ends where the stripes do on your dress/shirt, which will be a good two or four inches smaller than in reality.

Or take the easy route and play with striped bags, accessories, platforms… there are endless cute options out there.


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