Trend Report: Neon

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For that futuristic wow-factor, nothing really beats neon. Perfect for nights out but also as day wear, designers went bold and bright in a rainbow of electric hues.

A fresh way to wear neon is in one bold swatch as seen above. Of course, neon accessories can take any outfit from drab to club-kid party-ready. So pick a color that looks great on you, and turn it up in a neon.

One caveat is to keep the look modern, keep the lines clean. With a bold statement such as neon there’s no need to add glitter and frills to the piece. Although, I will confess, I’m loving a neon mixed with the tutti-frutti patterns or polka dots for an eccentric look.
Mix and Match

Monday Morning


Untitled by erind90 featuring a pleated skirt

Friday Night


Erin at Pixel Perfect

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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