Trend Report: Pajamas

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Dear Girl in my 8 am Design 101 class who wears penguin pajamas every day,

Congratulations, you finally won out. I have railed for years about how inappropriate and rude it is for people to wear their pajamas and sweatpants out of the house and about their day. I have been frustrated with coworkers taking liberties with a casual dress code to wear lounge -wear to work. Where is the respect people? The extra bit of effort that shows you care enough to turn yourself out?

But, it seems you have won designers over to your side. They have been showing the most decadent, delicious lounge-wear that is meant to be worn outside. How choice. How chic. Languid comfort and style that whispers of a boudoir.

So I will be wearing pajama pants, such as the delightful pair by Suno above, and we can both be part of the pajama party next Monday at 8am.


Erin at Pixel Perfect

P.S. But I’m afraid ma petite amie, your penguin pajama pants from Target are still, not chic nor are they de la mode. So please regard the dress code below for the aforementioned pajama party.



Untitled by erind90 featuring white tops


Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. Haven’t you seen the pajama jeans on TV…they are all over late nite television…lol I personally think it is our down fall…we need to raise the bar on how we dress not dress to be strictly comfortable. JMO

    1. absolutely agree… I think I threw up in my mouth a little when I saw that ad. My hope is that maybe MAYBE people will take the hint and start to dress comfortably in style, like the above.
      It may be futile though.

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