Trend Report: Pattern Mixing

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Pattern mixing is making a come-back for the fall/winter season, but this time around it’s simply not enough to mix two patterns such as florals and polka dots, but rather it’s all about mixing the same pattern within one ensemble. Whether it’s polka dots, stripes, tartan, or florals, the trend is to wear the pattern head to toe.

How to Mix Patterns

This is definitely one trend that’s hard to pull off unless you have a very eclectic style to begin with. However, when pulled off it looks fabulously fashion forward.

Change the color. Since you are already wearing the same pattern all over there’s no need to be cohesive. Stay away from matchy-matchy by wearing the same pattern in different colors or materials.

Change the size. Again, to keep the look quirky as opposed to a uniform, vary the size of the pattern. For example wear a large graphic floral with a tiny ditsy one or tiny pin stripes with a bold mod striped pattern.

Keep the proportions classic. With a trend this bold, it’s important not to introduce any other trends into the mix. So try the trend out on a classic ensemble such as an a-line skirt and blazer, as opposed to harem pants and a crop top.



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