Trend Report: Silk and Lace


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Lace is part of a bigger boudoir trend from the masters of the tease: Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Dior. With a focus on all those naughty little things we keep hidden in the bedroom: laces, silks, and satins in ivory,blush and black.
Except that designers are bringing them out of the bedroom and into the streets. While some of the interpretations are a bit out there (visible panties, nevermind panty lines? I have yet to see it done well) a touch of the frilly stuff is one of the few trends that have both girls and guys saying “Yes please!”

Leave a Little to the Imagination

The biggest pitfall for this trend is the girls who take “boudoir” too literally. I do not recommend anyone walk outside in legitimate lingerie.

That being said, do check vintage shops for great silk vintage slips and camis, which by today’s standards are more than acceptable to wear in public. A general rule of thumb? If you wouldn’t wear it in front of your parents, don’t leave the house.

So what are some easy ways to incorporate the boudoir trend into your outfits? Try an ivory silk cami, a little black lace dress, a pale pink ruffled skirt, or a pair of lace pumps.

Pair it with your classic blue jeans, cuddly cashmere cardigan, or sexy black patent leather pumps for a look loaded with class and and bombshell sass.

Economics Class


Class by erind90 featuring loose tops

Date Night


Erin at Pixel Perfect

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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