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Am I the only person who is excited for the return of longer skirts? I have a few maxi dresses that are the equivalent of pajamas to me that I can wear to class and work, so I’m super stoked that they are back in style. Time to buy up a few more!

The only difference this time around is that a new, midi-style skirt has been introduced. Somewhere in between knee length and maxi, the skirt typically ends at the ankle  or at the calf and hasn’t been in fashion since the ’50s, but welcome back!

I know that many girls are very wary of longer skirts, believing that they can make them appear stumpy or big, but I’m here to show you a few tricks that will keep you looking sleek and stylish. So who’s ready for some skirts that we can bend over and sit down in without worrying about flashing everyone?

How to Wear a Midi

Repeat after me girls, “the midi is my best friend”. While maxi skirts do tend to swallow up smaller people, by showing a bit of ankle you get the same effect as a longer skirt with all of the figure flattery of a knee length skirt. So if you were turned off by the maxi-skirt last season, definitely give a midi a try.

It’s all in the cut. As I’ve mentioned before, for maximum flattery you want a skirt that hits either just above the ankle bone or just below the calf muscle. This draws attention to your slimmest parts making you appear slimmer.

Try a high-waisted style and heels. By raising up the waist line (and again, highlighting a smaller spot on curvy girls. If you have a belly, adjust to your smallest point) and raising you up on heels, we create the illusion of super-duper long legs. The eye assumes that from the waist band to the ground is all leg, so we’ll use that to our advantage.

And for fuller styles, keep the tops fitted and show a little skin to balance out this demure look.

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