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When I saw that designers were having a small love affair with velvet on the Fall runways, I was a little nervous.
I will be the first to admit that velvet is a tricky fabric to do well.

Sometimes it looks amazing, conjuring up images of the extravagant 80’s or the luxurious royalty. Because really, when we start talking about fabric that I can’t keep my hands off of (fur, satin, cashmere…) velvet is up there.
It looks positively decadent and cuddly, making it perfect for holiday parties and as that “special something” for winter weekends.

As George from Seinfeld says, “I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable”.

However, sometimes it can go horribly wrong and you look like this:

(oh Austin Powers… )
So how do you pull off velvet?
Color Rich
Pick fabric in a deep, rich color. It looks fabulous in ruby, wine, navy, plum, gold, and black (of course). Lime green just doesn’t have quite the same decadent feel and looks like a cheap plushy.
Stay Classic
I can’t stress it enough, when dealing with tricky fabrics or colors, classic is always the way to go. Velvet harem pants? Disaster. A velvet blazer or draped cocktail dress? Divine. And bring a lint roller. Enough said.
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