Ugly Shoes Are Making A Comeback!

ugly shoe trend

ugly shoe trend-Written By Intern Zaquana.

You read that right. Ugly shoe are making a comeback in stores and are marching their way right back into many of our wardrobes. The ugly shoe trend encompasses a sort of perfectly imperfect style that is slowly creeping into the fashion world. I first noticed in the summer of 2013 how the new and fashionable chunky heels were selling quickly in all of my favorite shoe stores.

Slowly I began to notice the platform becoming higher and higher. I saw it merge into many of my favorite sneakers and boots. Here we are entering Spring 2014, and the movement has evolved into our warm weather footwear. The super chic gladiator sandal is out and Teva’s are back in! Joining the epidemic are those ugly strappy velcro sandals that we all wore at the unfashionable, for me anyway, age of 6. This time they make a very a la mode statement. I, for one, am pro ugly when it comes to the new shoe craze. Bring on the good the bad and the ugly! I’m prepared, are you?
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