Beauty Bit-Valentia Night Revive Retinol Serum Review

Valentia Night Revive Retinol Night Serum

Valentia Night Revive Retinol Night Serum

Thanks to BrandBacker and Valentia, I was recently given the chance to try the Valentia Night Revive Retinol Serum. I have used and reviewed another Valentia product before and loved it. When I was asked to try this product, I was very excited because I know they have some really good products. The Valentia Night Revive Retinol Serum is another keeper.

With Retinol aka Vitamin A, Vitamins C and E, and Squalane, this night serum is great for clearing breakouts and fighting wrinkles. It also helps improve your skin’s tone. You are supposed to use it nightly after you wash your face and before you put on your moisturizer. The serum has a milky and light texture. It isn’t too runny if you just put it in the palm of your hand. It goes on so smooth and soft, and doesn’t dry me out when I smooth it on my face and neck.

I found another use for the serum. There is a saying that your hands and neck can tell your age, even when your face and body looks young. It is true. Your hands, especially, tell all. If you want to work on an often neglected part of the body and help it remain youthful, try using the Valentia Night Revive Retinol Serum at night on your hands with a light hand cream and some gloves. You can also use it on your hands by itself. This product’s ingredients are perfect for  healing and protecting the skin on your hands.

You can find this vegan friendly/cruelty free product on Amazon for $35.00 and it comes with Amazon Prime.

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What The Valentia Night Revive Retinol Serum Does:

  • WRINKLES BE GONE: Retinol is an antioxidant triple threat! Retinol penetrates to the cellular level to stop and diminish even the deepest of wrinkles. It helps to reverse the clock, for more youthful looking skin.
  • IMPROVES SKIN TONE: Vitamin C enhances Retinols protective and skin toning effects. These two together protect the skin from environmental damage and create more even skin tone and texture.
  • MANAGES BREAKOUTS: Not only is Retinol great for wrinkles it also helps prevent breakouts and clear up old ones!
  • NON-DRYING: Valentia’s Retinol Serum is specially formulated with nourishing Vitamin E and Squalene to condition and moisturize the skin. So forget about those drying retinol formulas, and hello to softer skin.

About The Ingredients:

– Retinol (Vitamin A): Works at the cellular level to stop winkles, manage breakouts, and evens out skin discoloration.
– Vitamin C: Guards skin against environmental free-radicals to prevent premature aging.
– Vitamin E: Provides intense hydration to diminish the drying effects of retinol.
– Squalane: Derived for pure olive oil to soften and condition delicate skin.

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