Vogue Africa Rejected By Conde Nast

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Cameroonian photographer Mario Epanya used his artistic talent to draft several models for his Vogue Africa project–a campaign that used fictional covers to depict the magazine’s potential.  

Epanya argued that the magazine would be an homage to African women and promote the development of African fashion. Although the covers were full of stunning images and punchy headlines, critics felt that Africa did not need Vogue to feel validated especially with magazines like Arise and Canoe.

Epanya recently announced that Condé Nast rejected the proposal for Vogue Africa. “DEAR ALL. The Wait is over. Condé Nast said NO to an African license of VOGUE. So this is the last cover. Enjoy, but it’s a beginning of something,” he personally posted on his Facebook page.

Vogue is currently published in 18 countries and one region. Condé Nast has not officially commented on their decision.


I am so upset by this decision. Other countries and regions have a Vogue magazine dedicated to them. Why can’t Africa have one?  There are a few fashion mags coming out of Africa. I actually read Arise and love it. There are also quite a few designers coming out of Africa. The fact that Vogue Africa is a no go after Mario’s beautiful campaign is totally disheartening.

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