Weekend Buzz-Cult of California and One One Three Do Plus Size Design Right

One One Three, Plus Size Clothes

One One Three, Plus Size Clothes

Cult of California and One One Three do plus size design right with their trendy, cool clothes and edgy tastes. These two brands embody what plus size shoppers have called for for AGES! We want cute clothes that don’t make us look like grandmas who just don’t care. We aren’t grandmas and we care. Well some of us may well be a granny, but still we care! Why can’t the industry figure that out!?

Well these two plus size brands get it.Cult of California creates epic club and fitness separates in bright neon colors. One One Three creates edgy, cool downtown chic clothes for the plus size woman who doesn’t fit society’s mold. When I look at the recent buzz that these two plus size brands have garnered, I can tell that they will be very successful. The fashion industry, as a whole, should start taking note of what is happening in our little pocket of the fashion world. Photos from One One Three and Cult of California.

Cult of California, Plus Size Clothes

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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