What Does Fall Mean In Terms Of Jewelry?

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This fall seems to be following a scheme of seven major trends some we were expecting and maybe some that were a little more unexpected. Naturally when we think of fall we think of mother earth and it definitely shows with the current trends rearing their heads for fall. Every time fall comes around I get really excited because majority of my favorite accessories are fall related in origin. Plus I’ve always been a girl to pay homage to mother earth. 

So without further rambling here are the current trends that are topping the charts in the jewelry department according to Savvy Anne. Anne Rush is currently a professional design director in the  fashion jewelry business in NYC. She has directed fashion jewelry lines for Kenneth Cole, Monet, Sigrid Olsen, Liz Claiborne, Ellen Tracey, and Jennifer Lopez, and others. Definitely a jewelry insider and one you can trust to point you in the right direction


Bold Statements and Mixed Media
The ever so popular statement necklace has been super hot for quite some time now and it definitely isn’t slowing down. Although spring focused on pastels and brights and not necessary gargantuan necklaces fall is calling for bigger. Also the more mixed media the better. Whether it’s mixing textures, patterns, types of gems or jewels, or even just mixed metals the more eccentric the mix the better. So use fall as the opportunity to think outside your comfort zone and go big or go home.

Strong Motifs
Any kind of motif you can continually carry on through your outfit in other means like accessories, other jewelry, or prints on your clothing is a strong statement for fall. There are several important motifs for fall but don’t follow trend motifs only pick some of your favorite and work your outfits around the motif. Whether it be snakes, elephants, a fluer de lis, keys, flowers, birds, scarabs, or what have you express yourself through your motif and have fun with it!

Metals (my personal favorite)
Metals are pretty much always popular but we’ve been seeing an outbreak of hardware all year this year. Remember to coordinate the finish of you metals to the mood you want to portray. A plated finish evokes traditional status and any burnished plating gives more of a vintage or antique feel. The one thing in particular I always try to do is mix metals. Whether its copper, silver, and gold or antique finishes with other types of jewelry like pearls take the opportunity to find the combinations you like best. And don’t be afraid to find some eccentric choices.

We’ve seen more than enough play with fringe over the summer due to the hippie boho trends that come peeking through. This is also translating over into fall. Whether its leather, chains, or fabric let it be known that fringe is not leaving anytime soon. I’ve even seen a few fringe necklace made of human hair! Completely amazing. So coordinate your fringe to the feel you want to portray in your outfit. Leather and chains usually read as edgy or rock and roll while nicely finished chains can be paired with an basic or clean cut look. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to try and make a fringe DIY project for yourself becau
se they are incredibly simple. Barely any homework required.

Earrings have been pushing the limits of fashion this year with pretty outlandish designs. They seem to be getting bigger and bigger as time passes. But don’t forget about our little friends the post earrings. They need love too. If you go for bulk this season try for bulk without weight. Filligree stampings and layering of chains help build size and body without adding too much weight to your poor earlobes. And color is also very important. Remember to stick with fall colors trends this season which will be mentioned in the net category. And remember when wearing larger earrings too many accessories seem to make oneself look gaudy so I always use the rule of thumb as explained by Coco Chanel. “Before you leave the house look at yourself and take 1 things off”. And you’ll never commit another accessory faux paus again.

Fall Jewelry Color Palettes
Fall always focuses on taking colors and palettes from the earth. Deep greens and rich purples paired with teal or fuschia are failsafe color palettes. But don’t limit yourself there. I’ve seen a lot of jade greens, deep blues, hot reds, and ochre yellows. So there’s literally a color for everyone. I personally love greens, blues, and purples. And don’t forget to find nice metals to match. Gunmetal plates and worn gold are great settings for these failsafe colors.

Jewelry Sets
American women love matching jewelry sets (personally I don’t know why because I hate to match). So definitely invest in a few for fall. Especially metal sets because if need be they can be mixed at your leisure. And remember to create trios. For every necklace there should be a great bracelet or earring to match. Whether it literally matches or complements another piece when it comes to color or style. I won’t be providing examples for this one only because I want you to take your own path here. So don’t be scared to try new combinations this season. Anything goes this fall and we should take advantage of it!

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