What I Need

I’m going to Washington D.C. for the big inauguration, and it is going to be cold, much colder than what I am used to down here in the South. I have a few scarves, gloves, and leggings to go under my jeans. What I really need are some earmuffs. If your ears are cold, then the rest of your head will be too.


I really like these earmuffs from American Apparel. They come in quite a few color combinations, but I really love the black because they can go with anything. They cost $20.00.

I also like these cheap earmuffs from Urban Boundaries that are on sale for $4.99. They come in four colors and wrap around your head like a head band with two fuzzy earmuffs on the sides. I really like them because they are cute and uber affordable.

These earmuffs are too cute. They are white which means they can get dirty easier than darker muffs, but they are heart shaped. Who doesn’t like hearts?

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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