Where Have I Been…



If you have been following me on Twitter or Instagram, where I made a name change, then you know that the past two years have been a bit interesting for me. I quit my job to help take care of a few sick family members. Some of them have gotten better and some of them-including my father- have passed away. It was a bit too much for me to keep up this blog at the time.

The Fat and Skinny on Fashion turned ten years old in January. I am busy with a coding bootcamp and trying to get my life back together after completely devoting it to my family’s well being and of course grieving the loss of my father. I am still pretty active on Instagram and Twitter, and try to be consistent on Facebook. Please follow me on those websites. I plan on writing posts here more often. When I first started this blog, I wrote several posts a day. I think for now I will just write things whenever the spirit moves me. Thank you to everyone who has continued to support TFAS and me.

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