Wiggin’ It Series: How to Buy Weave at Beauty Supply Stores

How to buy weave at Beauty Supply Stores

Hello everyone! This is the first post for the Wiggin’ It Series which will teach you how to make your own wigs. Wigs are fun to wear and own.


Sometimes you may want a certain style, but can’t find that particular wig, or you are just like me. I like being able to change my hair without cutting, weaving, or adding heat to it. Making your own wigs gives you the ability to change as often your hair as you like.

This first video is by Jouelzy. It shows you how to buy beauty supply store hair. You gotta buy the hair before you can make the wig. She tells you what brands are good and what brands are bad. I like this video because I think she is pretty thorough when it comes to hair weave brands. Don’t forget to check out her $30 weave series if you are on a serious budget.

Tomorrow’s video will be on virgin hair.

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