Wiggin’ It Series: How to Make an Invisible Part

How to make an invisible part

Hello everyone! This is the fourth post for the Wiggin’ It Series which will teach you how to make your own wigs.





Yesterday’s post showed you how to make a full wig and closure piece. Today’s post will show you how to make a more realistic invisible part closure using lace. When you use lace, it makes it look like your scalp is showing. The key is to use lace that is a shade or two off of your skin tone because your scalp is usually lighter than the rest of your body.

There are several methods to try regarding lace. You can use actual lace and work around it, buy a lace closure with hair already attached, or combine the two by sewing a piece of lace fabric or pantyhose underneath the already made lace closure. Don’t forget to take some liquid foundation and lightly brush it on the lace part. Once you finish that, take some tweezers and pluck a few hairs up and down the faux part.This makes the wig look even more realistic because it will be close to your skin tone in color and the part won’t be too straight as natural parts seldom are.

How to Use a Premade Lace Closure from Fabulasity Is Me:

How to Use Plain Lace Fabric or Pantyhose Without a Premade Lace Closure from JazzyJuJuBee82:

If you don’t want to use lace, you can use your own scalp. The scalp invisible part tutorial is for tomorrow’s post…How to make a U-part or 3/4 wig.

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  1. very informative post
    ..please can help me with the name of the pin and lace for making lace frontal wig

    1. I think the pins you are referring to are called Tpins and the lace or mesh can be bought at any fabric store.

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