Winter Cat Eyes

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This week I wanted to do something different. I wanted to bring you all some guest posts from beauty bloggers, so you could get some great winter beauty tips. Today’s post comes from Felicia York. Felicia is a make up artist who owns DaLipstickBandit Cosmetics. You can check on her blog DaLipstickBandit, her online store DLB Cosmetics, and her twitter @dlbcosmetics.
We all have those days…Monday has approached us full speed ahead and the weekend’s debauchery is not quite behind us. We’re tired and we look tired. It’s one thing to be one without looking the other. Many women think the trick to looking younger or looking well-rested is to add Here’s a quick trick to looking alive when all you want to do is crawl under a rock.
The Cat Eye
So easy to achieve an even easier to take from day to night. The cat eye is basically liquid eyeliner that has been winged at the outer corner of the eye. By keeping the focus at the top of the eye, you’re drawing attention away from any bags or dark circles that are lurking under. Keep liner and mascara at the lower lash line very basic – just enough to define the eye. Stay away from smokey looks as they’re too heavy and will bring out darkness or bags you may have. Concealer is you friend! Make sure you have the right one to cover up the under-eye tell tale signs that you didn’t get a full 8 hours last night. Make sure to moisturize skin and drink plenty of water to look hydrated. For a daytime look, keep skin and lips as nude as possible. If you must use a blush, use one that gives you a natural flush (soft pink) or a bronzey glow.  To take from day to night, add a sexy lip color and voila!  Pretty and easy!Photos from DLB.
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