Yuna Yang FW 2014

Yuna Yang FW 14

Yuna Yang FW 14
A few days ago the Yuna Yang FW 2014 fashion show happened at New York Fashion Week. At usual, the talented Asian designer created wonderful looks for women who have places to go, women have people to see, and women who don’t mind dressing like a woman. There are two things that I think Yuna Yang does remarkably well, and that is dressing the type of woman I just described and using lace in the most beautiful ways.

The Asian prints and motifs in the collection show Yang’s commitment to her culture. I love that she is one of the few designers in fashion that usually shows a diverse runway. Did you see the shoes? I am going to have to figure out how to get me a pair of those slip-ons. Slip-ons are really big for spring this year too. Get ahead of the trend. If you look at some of the pictures below, you can see the gorgeous lace detailing in the dresses and the jackets. The gallery below shows some of my favorite looks from the collection. Click on them to check them out.

You are going to be bombarded by several posts in the next few days. There won’t be a Bad Bish posts, but some of the other posts feature some lookbooks and things, because I am in the middle of a snowstorm. I have no clue whether I will lose electricity or not and if I do how long it will last. If you are in the South, please stay warm, stay inside, and stay safe.

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