2013 Style Exhibition Brings Fashion Designers From Around The US

Style Exhibition
Picture of some of the event's designers.

This weekend was the sixth annual Style Exhibition. The Style Exhibition is a local fashion event put on by 3 Jay Productions every spring which showcases fashion designers from all over the country. The first night is a networking mixer, and then the last two nights are full of fashion shows. This was my third time attending the events, and I have written about it in the past. Because I have seen the event improve every year, I was really excited to see the designers that they had showing during the two nights of fashion shows.

Thanks Mildred for the picture of me and Ra’mon! Check out her photography here.

Even though I missed the mixer, I was really excited by the designers that were shown this year. The quality of the designers’ work was much higher this year. I actually saw a lot of things that excited me! There were a few designers that need more help, training, and guidance, but that is ok. That is the beauty of these kind of events. A lot of people rag on smaller fashion events, but these events help give new and emerging designers the experience and exposure they need to grow as artists.

Style Exhibition
Picture of some of the event’s designers.

The best designer of the event was returning designer and Project Runway alum Ra’mon Lawrence. He is the designer in the center of the photo above. I love his take on a futuristic Great Gatsby theme. I know he will be huge in the coming years. I am excited to see what Style Exhibition has to offer next year since they are supposed to go on tour and eventually end back up in Columbia. I wish them the best of luck. To new beginnings!

When you check out the video, plus note that I was only able to get the backs of the models on the first night. Sawry guys!


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