Accessory Minute- The Mini Bag

the mini bag

the mini bag

Today in Accessory Minute, I wanted to write about one of my favorite accessory trends of the past few years-the mini bag. I love mini bags. I am one of those people that try to carry their entire home in a bag, purse, backpack, whatever. Mini bags force you to cut things down to the bare necessities. You can’t carry 20 lip glosses in a mini bag, and that is the beauty of the mini bag.

It is really cute. It is really chic. It is freeing. I love mini bags because they are stylish enough to give a great outfit some flair, but they also literally make me reconsider my life. Like do I really need to have all of this stuff in here. When you start wearing mini bags you are also forced to buy a mini wallet. My regular check sized wallet will not fit in this mini bag. See I told you they are freeing. They literally make you clean out your life, and keep you from becoming a bag lady. What are you favorite mini bags? Photo from here.

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