Lume Deodorant-An Aluminum Free Deodorant I Love

Hey y’all! I’m back with another blog post. This time I am writing a review on aluminum and baking soda free Lume Deodorant. You may remember I posted about ordering some on Instagram a few weeks ago. I have tried it for almost two weeks now, so I feel like that is enough time to see whether I like it or not.Sidenote: This is blog post uses affliate links.

The Back Story

I have been looking for the perfect natural or naturally derived deodorant for years. After trying so many popular brands like the Crystal , Tom’s, and others to no avail, I wanted something that was better than the most of the popular items. Deodorant to me is an essential and necessary item.

I needed the perfect or as close to perfect deodorant out there. Because of this heat, I sweat too much and that can generate an odor. My skin is super sensitive. Deodorants with Baking Soda or Sodium Stearate in the ingredients list break me out and BURN my skin. Also I just don’t trust those popular store brands because I don’t trust the aluminum in those deodorants.

Lume Deodorant
Image from Lume Deodorant

Cue Lume Deodorant

I had seen Lume Deodorant for months online here and there, but I thought it was too good to be true. It claimed that it was free of aluminum, silicone, phthalates, sulfates, parabens, gluten, corn, soy, talc, coconut oil, baking soda and helps keep the pits and privates odor free. I was intrigued, but I passed it by.

Well a few months ago I decided to go back to the Liquid Crystal deodorant. I liked it, but it was just ok. I knew when the warmer months came I was going to need something a little stronger to beat the Southern heat. Another ad for Lume popped up, and after speaking with customer service via Instagram DM I went and bought my first stick.

My cream stick was $13.99- it includes shipping to anywhere in the US, and it shipped really fast. I think it took less than a week to get to me. I bought the Unscented version instead of the Lavender and Sage scent because I wanted to make sure I could tell if my armpits were doing the most and I wanted to make sure nothing else would break me out.

What Happened When I Wore The Deodorant

Before I used my deodorant, I read the Getting Started guide and watched the video that the customer service rep sent me. I recommend every single person take a look at that before they buy this deodorant. I will post some info on it below. The instructions said to use a little bit at a time. and rub it in until clear. You can build up to more as you try it over a period of a few days. After almost two weeks, I still use a teeny tiny bit.

So far my Lume Deodorant use has been good. My pits feel good and smell great. I haven’t had any irritation yet. I used it on some cold days and a few hot days because the weather has been sporadic here lately, and I can say that I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Will I be trying this deodorant throughout the summer? Yes. I am going to continue to use it into the summer. Now that will be the real test.

A little extra info before I go… Lume claims that you can remain odor free for up to 72 hours. I haven’t tested that because I shower every day. I also removed my underarm hair and used witch hazel for a few days so my pits are stripped of the Lume daily.

Also you can buy Lume in a push container or a tube. They have a bundle for $32.98 that contains both in the Unscented and the Lavender and Sage scent. They also sell the tube for $18.99 and the stick for $13.99. I think it is worth the investment. Last but not least…I haven’t tried it on my privates so you may have to do your Googles and find another review for info on that. There are a few on YouTube.

For Anyone Interested In Getting Started With Lume Deodorant

This page of their website has all of the getting started information. There is a also this nifty little video.

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