Beauty Bit-Martha Stewart’s Homemade Bath Salt Recipe

Homemade Bath Salts

Homemade Bath Salts

I found a wonderful homemade bath salt recipe from Martha Stewart. Now this is not something for you to sniff, snort, or smoke and go zombie on someone. This is to make for yourself or for a friend so that you all can relax and soak your worries away. The instructions for the homemade bath salts are super easy. You know how I love a good beauty DIY.

She basically uses sea salt and Epsom salt for the recipe. Both of those are two of my personal faves when it comes to soaking in a tub.Then she adds some essential oils and food coloring. Try to research which essential oil you want to use, because they each have a different healing property.  I would put it in one of those fancy glass containers for a friend, or make enough to last me a year by putting some in an old plastic container from one of my last beauty products.  It pays to recycle, plus it is good for the Earth. Check out the rest of the homemade bath salt recipe here. Photo from Martha Stewart.

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