Beauty Bit: Vivica Fox Cornrow Caps Might Just Be A Dream Come True

Vivica Fox Cornrow Cap

Vivica Fox Cornrow Cap

Vivica Fox Cornrow Caps might just be a dream come true. I’ve never seen anything like this before, and it’s really exciting. A part of me is like wow this is really really really freaking weird, but then a whole nother part of me is like this is kind of convenient, and I might need to go out and procure me one of these contraptions.

For someone like me that has a really difficult time cornrowing my hair this seems to be a godsend. I have tried two strand twists, slicking my hair back, and flat twists to secure my hair under wigs, but you can’t really do that if you want to wear a wig or wear crochet braids. You need cornrows. With the Vivica Fox Cornrow Caps you can actually either do a crochet braid style on your hair via the cap or you can sew weave onto the cap. ALKSDHFKLJAKSDFHLHJS!!! EXCITING…NO?!?!?

The caps come in several different sizes for different size heads. Most of the caps that I’ve seen people buy have been size medium. The caps also come in different types of constructions. There’s one that has a horseshoe construction, and there’s one that has a typical straight front to back crochet style. This is perfect for people that not only want to do crochet braids, but also want to sew frontals and silk top closures on their weaves.

I’ve seen the caps on different sites for around $19.99. I prefer to buy something like this online, because not all stores have this item yet. Vivica Fox’s hair company seems to be doing a slow rollout to stores across the country. Sistawigs, where the picture above is from, has them for $19.99. Amazon also has them for around $15 here and here, so you are sure to find them there too.

Check out this video below for a review of the Vivica Fox Cornrow Cap from someone that has used the product:

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