How The Noshery Got My Dad To Eat Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts with onions

Brussels sprouts with onions

So I decided to make some Brussels Sprouts for Thanksgiving dinner, and they were so good my dad wanted me to make them again. He doesn’t even eat Brussels sprouts! I usually cook my sprouts a little differently than I did on Thanksgiving, but I am glad I made a change. I was shocked how everybody that came over to the house for dinner were eating them. Most people don’t like Brussels sprouts. I loved them as a child, then hated them, and now I’m back to my one true lurve!

I went to Pinterest-my go to place for new recipes- and found the Brussels Caramelized Sprout Has with Shallots recipe from The Noshery. She actually found the recipe from Bon Apetit. Anyway, I decided to jazz mine up by switching the shallots with red onions. I then added bacon bits and parmesan and mozzerella cheese. I hope you enjoy this recipe, and don’t forget about the $140 Target Gift Card Contest.

My New Favorite Brussles Sprout Recipe:

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