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Heal Your Body With Himalayan Sole


Hooray! Hooray!! Hooray!!! After multiple tech issues, I can get back into my blog. I’m not gonna lie though. I did enjoy that break! Anyway. Here is the blog post I promised a few weeks ago on Himalayan Sole. I can honestly say that I do feel a difference in my body on the days that I drink it versus the days I do not. You may recall that I have collapsed arches in my feet. I wake up with horrible stiff and painful feet. One glass of this in the morning and I feel invigorated and the pain is gone. Check out the blog below to see another one of my self care tips.

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Unboxing My #FrostyVoxBox from Influenster


FTC: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.
I recently received my #FrostyVoxBox from and I love it. Most of the products I actually love and will use again. I got two eye products from Rimmel, a tea sample from Celestial Saesonings, some Fruit Vines, a lipstick from NYC New York Color, a paddle brush from EcoTools, some thyme from McCormick Gourmet, and the Perfect and Protect Serum from Boot No 7. Check out the video to see what I thought about everything and check out all of my social media channels throughout to week to see more of what I thought.

PS. While I am on the topic of this box, I recently have started drinking tea like everyday. I can honestly say that you all need to run out and buy this tea because it is bomb dot com dot edu dot whatever!

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How The Noshery Got My Dad To Eat Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts with onions

Brussels sprouts with onions

So I decided to make some Brussels Sprouts for Thanksgiving dinner, and they were so good my dad wanted me to make them again. He doesn’t even eat Brussels sprouts! I usually cook my sprouts a little differently than I did on Thanksgiving, but I am glad I made a change. I was shocked how everybody that came over to the house for dinner were eating them. Most people don’t like Brussels sprouts. I loved them as a child, then hated them, and now I’m back to my one true lurve!
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